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Taking Streaming Video to the Next Level

A FREE Light Reading Breakfast Workshop

With such media behemoths as Apple, Disney, NBCUniversal, AT&T, and Discovery all now plunging into the increasingly congested streaming video space, the OTT video market is clearly shifting into a more advanced stage of development. But, even as these new streaming services come to market, numerous key hurdles must still be cleared: technical, operational, security, business model, service quality, and navigation issues.

In this special NAB Show breakfast forum, video industry experts from across the spectrum will assess the streaming video market, evaluate the latest entrants, examine the major challenges they face and discuss how the industry can reach the desired goal of OTT Video 2.0 — a scalable, stable, secure streaming platform that generates regular, predictable revenue. Using a roundtable format, the forum will tackle the most pressing technical and business issues facing video providers today as they seek to manage, market and monetize their new streaming services.

Light Reading is hosting this special breakfast session in partnership with the Streaming Video Alliance, providing a fresh forum for video technologists and business strategists to share their experiences and expertise.


Monday, April 20, 2020 |  7:30 – 9:15 a.m.


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