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2020 NAB Crystal Radio Award Finalists Announced

February 27, 2020

Washington, D.C. — The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced the 50 finalists for the 33rd annual NAB Crystal Radio Awards. Since 1987, the NAB Crystal Radio Awards have recognized radio stations for their outstanding year-round commitment to community service. Winners will be announced and the finalists honored at the We Are Broadcasters Celebration, held Tuesday, April 21 during the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

This year’s finalists are:

KBFB-FM Dallas, Texas
KCLY-FM Clay Center, Kansas
KKZY-FM Bemidji, Minnesota
KMVP-FM Phoenix, Arizona
KPWJ-FM College Station, Texas
KRMG-FM Tulsa, Oklahoma
KRSP-FM Salt Lake City, Utah
KRWM-FM Bellevue, WA
KSFI-FM Salt Lake City, Utah
KSL-FM Salt Lake City, Utah
KSTP-FM St. Paul, Minnesota
KTAR-FM Phoenix, Arizona
KTMY-FM St. Paul, Minnesota
KUBL-FM Salt Lake City, Utah
KUPD-FM Phoenix, Arizona
KVTY-FM Lewiston, Idaho
KWHL-FM Anchorage, Alaska
KWLM-AM Willmar, Minnesota
KXKT-FM Omaha, Nebraska
KZFN-FM Moscow, Idaho
KZKX-FM Lincoln, Nebraska
WBUL-FM Lexington, Kentucky
WBYT-FM South Bend, Indiana
WBZZ-FM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WCCO-AM Minneapolis, Minnesota
WDNS-FM Bowling Green, Kentucky
WDRM-FM Huntsville, Alabama
WDSY-FM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WFEZ-FM Hollywood, Florida
WHPT-FM St. Petersburg, Florida
WHUB-FM Cookeville, Tennessee
WHUR-FM Washington, D.C.
WIL-FM St. Louis, Missouri
WJJY-FM Baxter, Minnesota
WKQI-FM Detroit, Michigan
WKRQ-FM Cincinnati, Ohio
WLBC-FM Muncie, Indiana
WMCI-FM Mattoon, Illinois
WQNZ-FM Natchez, Mississippi
WRBR-FM South Bend, Indiana
WREW-FM Cincinnati, Ohio
WSGW-AM Saginaw, Michigan
WSUN-FM St. Petersburg, Florida
WTAW-AM College Station, Texas
WTFX-FM Louisville, Kentucky
WTMJ-AM Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WUBE-FM Cincinnati, Ohio
WUSL-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WUSQ-FM Winchester, Virginia
WWJ-AM Detroit, Michigan

Ten Crystal Radio Award winners will be chosen from the above finalists by a panel of judges representing the broadcast industry, community service organizations and public relations firms. Also at the We Are Broadcasters Celebration, five-time NAB Crystal Radio Award winning station KCVM-FM will receive the Crystal Heritage Award.

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